Exact colour matching available from any colour chart

RGP stocks a large range of colors. We are also the industry leaders in colour matching so you can continue to use your existing colour charts as we can manufacture on request.

Roof Restoration Coating Formulation

The RGP roof coating family of products are formulated on the highest quality 100% acrylic resin, premium oxide pigments and additives. The products have been engineered to satisfy the strict demands that professional roof restorers expect from modern roof coatings. With that in mind, the home owner can expect many years of service from their restored roof.

Designed for the applicator

RGP was designed with paint applicator in mind:

  • High Flow Paint
  • Non Abrasive paint
  • Non Toxic paint
  • Run resistant resin
  • High adhesive primers
  • Colour fast pigment adhesion polymers
  • High inter-coat adhesion
  • Ergonomic paint buckets, easy to carry and easy to open
  • Paint that does not require any stirring for TWO Years!

Our Prices

Prices start at $93.10 for 20 liters

Same day and over-night delivery available, depending on your location.

Roof Restoration Coating Formulation

The RGP roof restoration system is comprised of the following elements:

RGP Roof Primer
For priming and sealing concrete roof tiles. Commonly used to treat water-blasted or eroded surfaces that are powdery with oxide residue from the colour-coat layer of the tile. Adhesion problems will most likely occur if the wrong type of primer is used or worse still, no primer.

RGP Filler Primer
A high-filling primer designed specifically for use on tiles where much of the colour coat has eroded, exposing grain from the original sand cement mix. This 100% acrylic high-filling primer creates a surface for the top coat to perform to the best of its ability.

RGP Roof Gloss
A 100% acrylic gloss top coat for long-term protection of concrete roof tiles. Formulated from only the highest quality ingredients using cutting-edge polymer resins, fade-resistant iron oxide pigments and specialized performance additives.

Roof Satin
A 100% acrylic satin top coat produced similarly to our gloss top coat product. A satin finish instead of a gloss finish, this is particularly suited to metal roofs.


Right Guy Australia provides tradies and companies with factory direct premium quality products for roof restoration. Specializing in both acrylic membrane and non membrane based roof paints, we are one of the largest stockiest of the RGP and acrylic roof restoration paint systems in Newcastle and Sydney.

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